Jeffrey Martin strives to make every portrait flattering, reflective of individual personality, and stunningly accurate in likeness. Adaptable to his client’s style, needs, and time, Mr. Martin prides himself on his ability to provide exceptional service and artistry.

Phase 1

Mr. Martin first meets with the client in their home or office and discusses various ideas for the painting.

After the creative direction is determined, digital photos are taken and reviewed. Once a photo is chosen which all parties agree is perfect for the actual painting, Mr. Martin will develop an oil sketch of the subject (or take notes on their coloring) as well as a pencil sketch of his concept for the painting. This session typically takes two to three hours to complete.

Phase 2

In his studio, Mr. Martin creates a small oil study which he sends to the client for approval. Total painting time of a three-quarter length portrait is approximately one month from start to finish.

Phase 3

Once the matted oil study is approved, Mr. Martin begins the actual final canvas. Just before completion, Mr. Martin supplies the client with a digital photo of the painting via email for the client to review and provide feedback. Mr. Martin then makes any changes or additions that are requested.

Upon completion, the portrait is shipped to the client.

All portraits are unique and therefore quotes are provided on an individual basis.

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“It was a pleasure to meet you during the process and learn how you construct a portrait. The artistry on the detail and background is outstanding. Thank you for using your talent so carefully in producing an excellent result.”

William W. Caldwell

United States District Court Judge

“I just want to thank you very much for the magnificent job you did on my portrait. We had the unveiling last night at the Skin Cancer Foundation, and everyone agreed that you captured my features exactly. My only comment was, "I should look so good!" Thank you for a superb job.”

Perry Robbins, M.D.

Chief of Mohs Micrographic Surgery Unit